Vision Luxe company

ARTICLE 1: Booking and Payment
ARTICLE 2: Transport
ARTICLE 3: Tourist tax
ARTICLE 4: Deposit
ARTICLE 5: Rules of the villa and apartment
ARTICLE 6: Inventory
ARTICLE 7: The responsibility of the Sarl Vision Luxe
ARTICLE 8: The responsibility of the customer
ARTICLE 9: Loss, theft and damage
ARTICLE 10: Insurance
ARTICLE 11: optional Insurance
ARTICLE 12: Cancellation of booking by the company
ARTICLE 13: Cancellation of booking by the client
ARTICLE 14: Modification
ARTICLE 15: Time of arrival and departure
ARTICLE 16: Pictures
ARTICLE 17: Tobacco
ARTICLE 18: Animals
ARTICLE 19: Language
ARTICLE 20: Terms of use of the Internet
ARTICLE 21: The external service providers
ARTICLE 22: The Mini Bar
ARTICLE 23: Cleaning and linen
ARTICLE 24: Services
ARTICLE 25: Validity and modification of terms of sale
ARTICLE 26: Elected domicile
ARTICLE 27: Applicable law and dispute resolution
ARTICLE 28: Property damage insurance
The purpose of these terms of sale (hereinafter the "TOS") is to establish the respective obligations of the Luxe Vision company and the client in their contractual relations relating to the sale of individual stays.
In accordance with Article 1119 of the Civil Code, the TOS are transmitted to the Client with the conclusion of the contract binding it to the SARL VISION LUXE and accepted by him within said contract.
Each booking involves the full implementation by the customer and its full membership to the Terms of sale which prevail over any other document, unless prior written agreement with Vision Luxe company.
Vision Luxe Company reserves the right to modify these Terms of sale at any time. In this case, the applicable conditions are those in effect at the date of signing the contract.
These general conditions apply to all customers.

ARTICLE 1: Booking and Payment

An individual online reservation made on the website, can be firm and final only in the following cumulative cases:
- Acceptance of the terms of sale of VISION LUXE Company by the client.
- Credit card payment the day of the booking or bank transfer within 7 days (a minimum of 50% of the price of the booking + various costs and / or optional in euros if the booking is made minimum 30 days before the arrival dates or the full payment of the total amount of the stay if the booking is made less than 30 days before the arrival dates).

The refusal to provide the above items to VISION LUXE company will result in the outright cancellation of the reservation.

It is possible for you to extend the duration of your stay if the villa or apartment is not reserved and only with the written consent of VISION LUXE company.

The balance of the price of stay (50% of the amount in euros) must be paid the latest 30 days before arrival.
WARNING: after this time limit and if we have not received the payment of the balance, VISION LUXE company will consider your reservation as canceled and the rental period will be available again. The 50% of the deposit paid in euros on booking date will be permanently acquired by the VISION LUXE company.

If you book less than 30 days prior to arrival, the customer must pay the full price of the reservation.

The prices listed on the website and on the contracts are prices in euros all taxes included. Payment methods accepted are: checks (in euros payable to "VISION LUXE"), cash (Euros only) subject to the limit provided for in Articles L112-6 and D112-3 of the Monetary and Financial Code, bank transfers in euros (transfer fees remain the responsibility of the Customer) and credit cards (Visa and Master Card).

VISION LUXE Company is allowed to change prices at any time, except that the price on the contract will be the only one applicable to the Customer.

Rates are not contractual, indicative for your information and can be changed without any notice. They can vary according to the type of property and the time of year.

The prices will, if appropriate, increased if a price change is necessitated by the result of a change in tax regulations, including the raise of VAT rates.

The price includes:

- The check-in
- The cleaning
- Sheets and towels
- TV channels
- Internet

The price does not include:
- Transportation
- Food and drinks
- Activities
- Tourist taxes

For safety reasons, the number of people in accommodation will not exceed the number of people mentioned in the contract. Any additional person, not reported to the VISION LUXE company at the signing of the contract, will engender additional charges per person and per night and may be considered a reason to terminate the contract without refund.

ARTICLE 2 : Transport
VISION LUXE company is not responsible if the customer cannot reach the place of the rental villa or apartment regardless of the cause. No refunds will be made.
In case your transportation is cancelled due to force majeure (terrorist attack, volcano, war, civil war, natural disaster, etc. ..), the customer must return to his own insurance company if necessary.

ARTICLE 3 : Tourist tax
The tourist taxes, collected on behalf of the Tourist Office, are not included in the price of the stay

ARTICLE 4: Deposit

The amount of the deposit and terms depends on the rented property (between 1000€ to 5000€) and are indicated in the contract binding the customer and VISION LUXE company. The deposit will be paid to VISION LUXE company by check or transfer the credit card information. The amount will not be cashed.

The days of taking possession of the property, the customer must give to VISION LUXE company the full amount of the deposit as written in the specific conditions.
This deposit will be refunded after the end of the stay, in the shortest possible time, and later, a month after the end of the stay. The deduction of amounts that may be due to VISION LUXE company either for cleaning costs, either to replace missing or damaged objects, either for the damage to the rented property, either for rental charges, etc.
The deposit shall in no case be deduced for the customer by VISION LUXE company to the prepayment of the rent.
The customer agrees to indemnify VISION LUXE company for the damage suffered if the bond was insufficient.

ARTICLE 5 :Inside rules
An inside rules is present in each apartment or villa. The Customer undertakes to read and respect it. Certain precautions may prevent the Customer from any inconvenience during his stay.
It is specified that the omissions of personal belongings inside an apartment or a villa during the check out could not engage the responsibility of SARL VISION LUXE.
ARTICLE 6 : Inventory
The quality, the good general condition of the property and the level of equipment of the villas and apartments rented require the acceptance by the Customer of the principle of good faith and honesty.
Occupants must respect the places and behave reasonably like a "good father".
Upon arrival, the Customer must carry out the usual and compliance checks on the general condition of the leased property.
An inventory will be made available during the handing over of the keys. They will be considered valid if they are not disputed in writing with the SARL VISION LUXE within 24 hours after the handing over of the keys. The villa or apartment will be completely checked after the departure of the occupants.
ARTICLE 7: Responsibility of Vision Luxe Company

VISION LUXE Company must:
Deliver to the Customer a property and furniture free from defects, in accordance with the description and the inventory; maintain the villa or the appartment in good rental condition; return the deposit, except to retain the amount that the Customer could be liable to him.

VISION LUXE Company can not be held responsible for acts and actions committed by the Customer or one of the guests in the villa or apartment.
VISION LUXE companycan not be held responsible for a temporary breakdown for the following services that would be beyond its control: electricity, water, gas or cable TV network.

The Company shall not be held responsible for the following: various accidents, injuries, death, loss, theft, all work sites, and various events from private or public authority in the direct neighborhood and sustained during the rental period in one of our villas or apartments, all additional expenses due to delays or changes in transportation, all indebtedness of the customer, weather condition, danger from the sea and the lake, fire, various strikes, acts of terrorism, natural disasters, civil unrest, war, epidemics or quarantine.

ARTICLE 8: The responsibility of the customer

The Customer obligation is:
•   To use peacefully the booked property
•   do nothing, by his fault or by someone living in the rented property fault, that can disturb the peace of neighbors or other occupants (noise, smells, smoke, etc…).
•   to meet the expenses of the city and police which any lessee is required
•   to refrain from throwing objects likely to block the drains and other plumbing fixtures, otherwise it will be liable for costs incurred for re-commissioning of the equipment
•   to use equipment and materials left at his disposal in strict accordance with their term of use
•   to respond to damage and losses during its occupation
•   to support the urgent work which costs to the lessor witch appear during the rental period without being able to claim any reduction of rent or compensation
•   to allow the owner to visit the leased rented during the lease, either for sale or for rent only after being warned twenty-four hours in advance
•   to vacate the villa or apartment the last day of rental and return them in the state in which he took.

The customer is prohibited:
•    To exercise any business, profession or industry
•    To substitute any person whatsoever, or sublet, even for free, the leased premises without written agreement of the VISION LUXE Company;
•    To introduce any animal without the written consent of the VISION LUXE Company
•    To provide furniture and furnishings other than laundry and common objects needed for his stay;
•    To change the arrangement of furniture and places;
•    To move or exchange furniture and furnishings;
•    To put anything on the walls
•    To organize parties in the property.
Unacceptable behavior will result of immediate expulsion of customers from the property, without any financial compensation can be claimed.
The people renting villas or apartments use at their own risk elements available to them (spa, barbecue, plancha, etc. ...). Vision Luxe Company is not responsible for accidents or injuries incurred during their use.
All minors (under 18) are under the responsibility of accompanying adults. The access of minors to the spa and lake can only be done under the supervision and responsibility of parents. Swimming is not supervised.
Moreover, the activities that you might do in Vision Luxe property and with its equipment are under your responsibilities only. Vision Luxe company can not be held responsible for any accidents.
For the personal safety of customers and respect for all, VISION LUXE Company forbids the entrance in the property of people offering illegal activities or illegal drugs.

Following too much abuse, parties, birthdays, receptions, invitations of friends or family, weddings or other events of more than 10 people for the villas in Annecy, 2 people for the studios or 5 people for the villa le lagon in Corsica are prohibited during the day as well as in the evening or at night. If we find that you exceed the number of 10, 5 or 2 people depending on the rented property, the contract may be canceled immediately and / or an additional night will be charged to you.

ARTICLE 9: Loss, theft and damage
The client agrees to take care of furniture, household appliances, decorative objects, floors, walls, outdoor and all that can hold property.
The customer is responsible for any damage or loss caused by himself or one of his friends or family and will be obliged to pay back VISION LUXE Company.
The customer must give back the villa or apartment without any degradation. Furthermore, additional comfort material provided (towels, pillows, remote controls, hangers, drapery ...) must be fully returned.
VISION LUXE Company cannot be held responsible for loss, theft or damage of personal belongings in the villas and apartment and in parking lots. One safe is available in the villas and apartments.
The VISION LUXE Company is not assured for the personal belongings of their Lessee in case of theft, destruction, etc ... during his stay. The client must take the usual precautions (close windows, doors, etc ...) when he is not in the villa or apartment or during the night.

ARTICLE 10: Insurance
The Customer can be held responsible for any damages arising from his fact and he is required to be insured by a holiday insurance contract or a civil responsibility insurance contract for these risks. The Customer undertakes to provide this certificate to SARL VISION LUXE. This can be provided free of charge by the Customer's main residential insurer.
VISION LUXE Company will not be responsible if the Customer has not made the necessary arrangements.
ARTICLE 11 : Optional insurance
As part of a vacation rental, the Customer may contract one or more optional insurance such as cancellation insurance,tenant's liability (damage...), ...

For information only, the Customer may contact ALBINET via his ADUCIEL website and may consult the following links according to his needs:

CANCELLATION / INTERRUPTION INSSURANCE : https://www.albinet.fr/en/-494-en-copy-2267/adar-ls102-holiday-rental-cancellation/?a=641766 

If the Customer does not wish to take out a insurance covering the risks on the property of  VISION LUXE, he undertakes to provide with the contract a certificate in civil liability or a standard insurance contract type, specifying the cover on said goods.


ARTICLE 12: Booking cancellation by the company
 In the event of cancellation by VISION LUXE Company, the Customer will obtain the immediate refund of the amount already paid. The booking contract may be terminated automatically by VISION LUXE Company only in case of force majeure or any other cause beyond the control of the Company, causing the Customer to be unable to occupy the reserved property, without this may give rise to a payment of damages to the Customer.

If, in case of force majeure or any other cause not attributable to the Company, the accommodation can not be occupied, the Company may, if possible, offer the Client another accommodation of equal or greater quality. If it is impossible to offer the Client another accommodation of equal or superior quality, the contract will be terminated and will result in the reimbursement of the Client as specified above.
ARTICLE 13: Booking cancellation by the client

This contract may be canceled only by a written request sent by email or by post, made previously, validated and signed by VISION LUXE Company. The effective date of cancellation taken into account is the date when VISION LUXE Company receive your mail or your email.
A cancellation by you can be registered, if and only if it satisfies the following conditions:
- If a cancellation is registered more than 30 days prior to the arrival date and the period was not re-rented, Vision Luxe Company will retain the deposit paid in euros on booking, that it to say 50% of the total amount of the rental price for compensation.
- If a cancellation is registered less than 30 days prior to the arrival date and the period was not re-rented, Vision Luxe Company will retain the full rental price for compensation.

The company will do its best to rebook the canceled period. If the period is re-rented for the full period and at the same price, the amounts paid by the Customer will be refunded. The company will deduce fees on the amount to be refund for cancellation and for rerenting the period.
No refund or compensation will be made in case of early departure of the house, except in the following cases:
• a family death
• a serious illness of the Client or a member of his family
• a natural disaster in France
• political unrest in France
• a disaster in the property
• maintenance issues that affect the ability to host the Customer
For any cancellation, please contact:
 Vision Luxe Company – 7 Route du Crêt des Vignes - 74290 Veyrier du lac- +33 (0) 6 26 49 77 51- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Special COVID19 cancellation policy

If you want to cancel up to 15 days before your arrival, only due to a very strick confinement (all week and weekend included) in your place of residence or on the holiday resort and with a proof of this confinement by your governement not allowing you to go out from your house, a credit note of the amount of the deposit paid or the total amount of the stay will be established. You will be able to use this credit note within 18 months from the arrival date of the canceled stay. The balance of the stay, if it has not been paid, will be cashed one month before the customer's arrival for his new stay. No refunds will be given.
For the new reservation within 18 months, the customer will have to adapt to the availabilities on the website and the rates according to the seasons. If the value of the new stay is less than the credit note, no refund will be given. If the client exceeds this period of 18 months, no refund can be requested.

In case of a confinement on weekends in your region, when an arrival on Friday may be possible it you rent for the weekend for example, no cancellation will allow you to get a refund or a voucher as you can still arrive friady before 5pm (if the curfew is still valid).

In the event of cancellation less than 15 days before your arrival, no refund or credit will be made except in the event of a new very strick confinement announced (all week and weekend included) during these 15 days in your place of residence or on the holiday resort and with a proof of this confinement by your government not allowing you to go out from your house.

Do not hesitate to susbcribe a cancellation insurance.

In the event of cancellation of the stay for any reason other than confinement imposed by the government (fear of traveling, quarantine imposed by your government but not prohibiting you from traveling, cancellation of an event which you had to attend, lack of car rentals, curfew, confinement on week-ends still allowing you to leave on friday etc ...) or the absence of a flight or boats to our destination when the journey by car is not possible, our terms of sale will be applied, that is to say no refund or credit will be made. Anything which have been paid will not be refund.


ARTICLE 14: Modification
 In case if the customer request a change in the dates of his stay, VISION LUXE Company will consider the change of the booking dates as a cancellation if it has no opportunity to give satisfaction. Therefore, the procedure as indicated in Article 13 hereof will apply.
ARTICLE 15: Arrival and departure time
We ask you to send us an email or call us during the week before your arrival to tell us your approximate arrival time.
We will give you the keys from 5:00pm on arrival day. The keys must be given back at maximum 10:00am the day of departure. If it is not the case, an extra night will be charged.


The Customer will send an email or call during the week preceding his arrival to indicate his approximate time of arrival.
Key collection takes place from 5:00 pm on the day of arrival. They must be returned no later than 10:00 am on the day of departure. If this is not the case, an extra night will be charged.
In case of arrival of the Customer after 9:00pm the day of the check in, except if it justifies its delay by one of the following reasons:
• a family death
• a serious illness of the Client or a member of his family
• a natural disaster in the country
• Political unrest in the country

SARL VISION LUXE reserves the right to charge him extra charge of 50 euros on the total amount due to him.

ARTICLE 16: Pictures
The pictures shows on the website : www.visionluxe.com cannot be used without VISION LUXE company’s permission, under law penalty. Pictures are not contractual.

ARTICLE 17: Tobacco
Villas and apartment are non-smoking. According to French law, smoking is prohibited within the villas or apartments, in any rooms.The violation of this rule may result in the billing of an allowance corresponding to the amount of two nights, as compensation for the impossibility of offering the villa or apartment for rent the following night, in accordance with the sanitation procedure.
ARTICLE 18: Animals
Pets are not desired in order not to disturb the peace of the place. If the Customer would like to be accompanied by its favorite animal, he will be fully responsible for disturbances and damage made by it. VISION LUXE company must be notified in advance of the arrival of animals.

ARTICLE 19: Language
The customer cannot require from VISION LUXE company to talk to him in another language than French and English.

ARTICLE 20: Charter of Internet use

Terms of Use
1. The user agrees not to use the WiFi service (whether free or paid) for illicit, prohibited or illegal purposes

2. As such, the user must observe, without this list being exhaustive, the following regulations regarding:
- The privacy of any person and to respect it;
- The code of the intellectual and artistic property;
- Automated processing of personal data;
- Compliance with the rules of public order in terms of information content;
- Secrecy of correspondence and the prohibition of interception of communications transmitted by means of telecommunications.

3. The user, through the use of the service, is also committed to:
- Do not harvest or collect information about others without their consent;
- Do not defame, broadcast, harass, stalk, threaten or violate the rights of others;
- Does not create a false identity;
- Do not attempt to gain unauthorized access to a service and / or a data and / or file;
- Not to release or allow to download all the software elements containers or other material protected by intellectual property rights, unless he holds such rights or have received all necessary consents;
- Not to send junk email and not carry out spamming;
- Do not send a message and / or email with offensive language, defamatory, obscene, indecent, unlawful or infringing any law, including human rights and the protection of minors;
- Does not transmit viruses, Trojan horses, logic bombs or other harmful or destructive program for third parties and / or other users;
- Do not attempt to gain unauthorized access to an automated data processing or to remain there;
- Not to disrupt services and / or content and / or data that are accessed;

4. VISION LUXE Company, at the request of third parties and / or any competent authority, reserves the right to switch off temporarily or permanently the use of the service without liability and cannot be sought without the user being able to demand any compensation or reparation.

5. Generally, in any case the owner cannot be required to repair any direct and / or indirect arising from the use of the service user, the latter recognizing that the VISION LUXE Company cannot be responsible for the content accessed by users and that access to content and services is not guaranteed and may be suspended without notice.

 ARTICLE 21: The external service providers
The concierge service of VISION LUXE Company can be solicited by the Customer to be put in contact with external service providers who will provide the desired services. It is specified that the services not delivered by the VISION LUXE Company during the stay are the exclusive responsibility of the external service providers in charge of their organization and with which the Client will have concluded live.
The accommodation rates of VISION LUXE Company do not include optional services.
ARTICLE 22: The Mini Bar
Vision Luxe company is offering you in some villas a mini bar with wine. Rates are written in books that clients will found in the concerned villas.
For any consumption during the stay, the billing will be paid at the latest at the departure of the Customer.

ARTICLE 23: Housekeeping and linen

The property reserved by the Customer will be delivered in perfect condition with a set of towels for each person and tea towels, sheets and pillowcases.
In the presence of a baby, the Customer will have to bring his own linen.
It is specified that the washing, wiping, and storage of the dishes are not included in the cleaning service and are the responsibility of the Customer for the duration of his stay, until his departure.

If you want a housekeeping service or a change of linen during your stay, this service is available upon request (optional).
For the rentals in Corsica, a end of stay cleaning deposit will be asked. It will be given back at the end of the stay if the villa or studio is left clean and tidy otherwise, if it is not the case, it will be kept.

If the dishes are not cleaned, wiped and stored, a sum of up to 100 euros for the villas and 50 euros for the apartments will be deducted from the deposit depending on the extent of the work.

The cleaning at the end of the stay provided in the contract will be executed entirely if the rental is available (room tidy, a minimum of cleanliness and easy access to our housekeeping team ...).
In case of blatant deterioration or a state of cleanliness of the property requiring cleaning beyond the reasonable, overtime may be charged and deducted on the deposit.
For rentals in Corsica, a cleaning deposit will be requested from the Customer. It will be returned the day of departure if the property has been left clean and tidy. Otherwise, it will be cashed.

ARTICLE 24 : Service
Services may vary depending of the type of accommodation. The customer agrees, by signing the contract and therefore accepting the terms of sale, to pay for services used during his stay before leaving the residence.

ARTICLE 25: Validity and modification of terms of sale
These terms of sale are effective from the 20th of September 2018 until their next modification.
By definition, the conditions that apply during the Customer's stay are those that prevail at the time of signing the contract and accepted by the Customer upon conclusion of the reservation contract.
ARTICLE 26: Address for service
For the execution of all obligations under this contract, there will be solidarity and indivisibility between the parties above referred to as lessee, among the heirs or representatives of lessee on death (subject to section 802 civil Code). The signatory parties hereby make such an address, VISION LUXE Compant at his home, the Customer in his home.

ARTICLE 27: Applicable law and dispute resolution
The fact of booking one of the residences proposed by VISION LUXE Company implies the complete adhesion to the present general terms of sale.

In case of dispute, the Customer may request in writing from VISION LUXE Company an amicable settlement thereof.
In case of dispute not resolved amicably or if it did not receive any answer to its complaint, the Customer will be able to seize for free the Mediator of the Consumption with which the VISION LUXE Company is affiliated, namely:

Mediation de la consommation AME
11 Place Dauphine, 75001 Paris

This referral may be made by the Customer within the time limit, either within a maximum period of one year, by Internet or by post by completing the form made available on the site and accompanied by documents supporting his request.
The AME Consumption Mediation entity will acknowledge receipt of the said referral and the designated mediator member will have three weeks to rule on the admissibility of the request. He will have a period of three months to accomplish his mission unless extended in the case of complex files.

At the same time, and in the event of unresolved litigation, the VISION LUXE Company may file a legal appeal with the Commercial Court of Annecy, in French, which is declared to have sole jurisdiction. These general terms of sale are subject to French law.
In the absence of payment on the due dates or in the event of non-execution of one of the clauses of the present engagement, and eight days after a formal notice remained unsuccessful, the VISION LUXE Company may demand the immediate termination of the contract binding it to the Customer. In case of necessity, the expulsion of the Client will take place on simple order of the Judge of the Referrals. The costs of prosecution will be support by the Client. Unpaid rents will bear interest at the legal rate for the period from the due date to the actual payment date.

ARTICLE 28: Property damage insurance

VISION LUXE Company, in the case of its various expenses, will charge the client 1.5% of the rental amount to cover the Customer of a property damage insurance. In case of need and so that the customer is informed of his rights, the customer will find a copy of the contract below.


The purpose of this policy is to issue the guarantees stipulated herein under to short-term lease-takers for all leased property located in European Union member nations, Switzerland, Malta, Monaco, Andorra and Saint Bart's.

Any physical person acting as a tenant, of French or other nationality, leasing furnished property over a short term.
The following are deemed insureds: the lease-taker, his or her spouse (including acknowledged partner or person subject to a PACS civil union), as well as all other persons (with no kinship ties) designated in the registration form for this policy and who benefits from the said lease.

SHORT-TERM LEASE: Lease lasting less than ninety (90) days in premises for which the insured is not the owner nor tenant with an annual lease.

PREMISES: Residential house, apartment, hotel room, caravan, mobile home.

INSURER: TOKIO MARINE EUROPE INSURANCE LIMITED – 66 rue de la Chaussée d’Antin- 75441 Paris Cedex 09 – RCS Paris B-382096071

BROKER: Cabinet ALBINET, insurance brokerage trading under the name ADAR-RL, a joint stock company, registered equity of EUR 250,000 – listed in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under No. B 582 136 289.

Eligibility for ADAR-RL guarantees is applicable in signing the short-term lease agreement and in paying the ADAR-RL premium stipulated in the said agreement for which the rent stated in the lease agreement is used as the basis for compensation.
The guarantee automatically ceases upon departure from the premises by the insured or at the date at which the trip is interrupted upon handing over the keys to a representative of the authorised intermediary.
The insurer must cover:
a) Tenancy liability
Following fire, explosion, water damage or frost arising in the premises, the financial consequences of the liability incurred by tenants or occupants pursuant to articles 1732 to 1735 and 1302 of the French Civil Code for damage caused to fixed and movable property belonging to the owner of the leased accommodation, assessors' fees and travel and replacement cost as well as costs for ensuring new accommodation made necessary following a covered claim.
The insurer also provides cover for the financial consequences, loss of rent or privation of use by the owner. This guarantee applies to the extent of EUR 1,500,000 irrespective of the type of damage.

b) Recourse by neighbours and third parties
Following fire, explosion, water damage or frost arising in the premises, the financial consequences and liability incurred by tenants or occupants pursuant to articles 1382, 1383 and 1384 of the French Civil Code for all property damage caused to neighbours and third parties and for which the lease liability guarantee applies.
This guarantee applies to the extent of EUR 450,000 irrespective of the type of damage.
c) Property damage liability

Other accidental damage incurred to movable property listed in the inventory and located in the leased accommodation and other fixtures belonging to the owner of the leased accommodation. This guarantee applies to the extent of EUR 2,500 less the fixed-rate deductible of EUR 75.

The following are excluded from the guarantees stipulated herein above:
1-General exclusions
Damage arising directly or indirectly from:
- an intentional or fraudulent act committed by the Insured
- a state of war (foreign or civil)
- events qualified as a natural catastrophe (damage arising from volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, action by the sea, tidal waves, landslides and other events of a catastrophic nature unless said events are declared "natural catastrophes")
- a nuclear risk (damage of a nuclear origin or caused by any radioactive source)
2- Exclusions applicable to the Occupant Liability guarantee

  • All damage not incurring the liability of the tenant
  • All damage to the tenant's property
  • Damage arising from intentional deterioration, cigarette burns or any other smoker's articles
  • Damage caused by household pets in the custody of the insured
  • All damage caused by humidity, condensation, mist, smoke
  • Breakdowns of appliances made available to the insured
  • Damage caused to lamps, fuses, electronic tubes, cathode ray tubes, semi-conductor crystals, resistors and heated covers
  • Costs for repairs, unblocking or replacing conduits, tabs and fitted appliances in plumbing and heating facilities
  • Theft of objects stored in courtyards, on patios and in gardens
  • Theft of objects stored in common areas made available to multiple tenants and occupants except in the event of break-ins
  • Theft or loss of keys to the premises
  • Damage incurred whilst enclosed premises in which insured items are stored are occupied in full by third parties other than the tenant, the tenant's representatives or persons authorised by the tenant
  • Damage arising from usage or utilisation not in compliance with the lease agreement
  • Consequences of contractual undertakings insofar as they exceed the consequences by which the beneficiary is legally bound.

Any action arising from this policy is subject to two-year prescription. The prescription term begins on the date of the event prompting the said action under the conditions stipulated by articles L.114-1 and L.114-2 of the French Insurance Code. The insurer is subrogated with regard to the insured's rights for all parties liable for the claim covered by compensation.

Electronic Data Processing and Privacy: The insured may request disclosure and rectification of all information concerning him or her, as listed in all files used by the insurer, its representatives or any professional organisation.
Client relations: Cabinet Albinet reviews the substance of all requests and complaints made by the insured. If the response provided after the said review fails to meet expectations, the insured may submit his or her complaint to TOKIO MARINE EUROPE INSURED LIMITED. In the event of persistent disagreement after its response, the insured is entitled to contact the mediator for which TOKIO MARINE EUROPE INSURED LIMITED – 66 rue de la Chaussée d’Antin- 75441 Paris Cedex 09 - will provide contact details upon request without affecting other legal means of action.
Autorité de contrôle Prudentiel et de résolution: the official body tasked with ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory provisions concerning insurance is Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel, 61 rue Taitbout, 75009 Paris.
Supervisory authority: Pursuant to Article L. 112-4 of the French Insurance Code, it is hereby stipulated that the supervisory authority regulating TOKIO MARINE EUROPE INSURANCE LIMITED is the Financial Services Authority, 25 The North Colonnade – Canary Wharf – London E14 5HS – ENGLAND.

You must first inform your letting agency by registered letter of any event which may apply the policy's guarantees from the day on which you become aware of such and within five days of the event. You must send ADAR-RL (after confirmation by your letting agency) all the documentary proof required to process your claim (acknowledgement of liability by the occupying tenant, copy of the lease agreement, estimate or invoice for the repair, etc.) to the following address: ADAR-RL C/O Cab. ALBINET– S.A.V. 5, cité de Trévise – 75 009 PARIS - Fax: 01 48 01 84 83 e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Do not forget to include your full address, telephone details and e-mail address, name of your letting agency, our lease reference number and the start and end dates of your stay.